Tuesday, November 14, 2006

making memories

Hey everybody. This whole experience has been amazing. Yesterday we had all the missionaries in the zone come out and help to do some manual labor. There were 10 missionaries in total we had enough work to keep them busy for the entire time. We even had a newspaper crew come out to the work site to see what was going on, and I think they will put an article in the paper about the orphanage and the church. It was a great day. I want to thank everybody for all the donations that you have made. We never expected to get such a great response. It is kind of overwhelming. We have been working meticulously with the recipts and workers to make sure that the money is spent propperly. The job is running smoothly but mabe a little slower than I had expected. We have cleared brush, built cinder blocks, dug huge water and sewage holes, poured the concreet floors, made friends with the workers, and neighbors, and enjoyed every minute of the process. I have pictures that I tried to post the other day but the computer was too slow and I had to go before they finished downloading. The computer that I am on now is even slower so Im not sure if I can get the pictures out right away. Just know that we are taking lots of photos and you will be able to see them eventually. It has been quite an experience living in the current orpahanage for the last few days. We are treated like kings. Even though there is no running water or electricity, our shower water is always full in the morning and they light candles for us every night. They serve us our meals and always keep our water glasses full. We have memorized almost everyones names and we know enough Swahili to have fun with the kids and play games. The orphans have taught us a bit about work ethic. From the time they get up in the morning till the time they go to bed they are constantly working, and when we get tired working on the new house they just keep going. It is going to be hard to leave this place. I want to thank everyone again for all the help. You are definitely making a difference out here. The kids that this orphanage turns out are great and this new center will make it possible to help so many more. Thank You so much. Ill talk to you soon.



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