Saturday, October 21, 2006

still in thailand

Hey everyone, we are about to end our stay in thailand. Today is Saturday and we have nothing more planned for tomorrow than to go to church and relax for the day. Time here has been well spent. I think we packed more into this country than the others. Yesterday we took a trip to the golden triangle where Thailand, Berma, and Laos meet, and we also saw a tribe of longneck people ( people who stretch out their necks). Today we went to a national park where we saw some cool waterfalls and lookout areas. Kind of boring but we always had something to do. The highlight of this trip was definitely the three day treking tour we took here in Chiang Mai. We went on a bamboo rafting trip and we got a little too wild and almost got hurt. We made our driver steer us into a tree trunk and get stuck on it, then another boat that was behind us speared me in the back. Just left a nasty mark. The elephant riding was fun and the snake show was insane. This trip is amazing and we are having way too much fun. Trent and I are both healthy and we play hard. I dont think there is anything left for us to do in Thailand so we will be off to China on Monday morn. Love you all.



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