Sunday, November 05, 2006

Still going

Received 10/28/06

Hey guys, We are still in china and we are having a blast. The people here don't speak a word of English and hardly anything is written in English. This makes getting around hard but you can always talk about the people and nobody knows you are talking about them. We have stayed in a hostel the whole time here but we have our own room which makes it just like a hotel only cheaper. So far in China we have seen the forbidden city, the summer palace, the great wall, an acrobatic show, a kung fu show, a performance by the china philharmonic orchestra, and we went to the Beijing zoo. Tomorrow night we will catch the night train down south to see the terracotta warriors and then we fly out on Tuesday for Tanzania. Here in China we have only been in Beijing and the parts of the city that you see are very clean and neat. They are getting ready for the 2008 Olympics and much of the city is covered up to hide the run down poor part. The city is huge and what looks very close on the map is very deceiving. One city block takes ten minutes to walk down. Luckily they have a subway that we take most of the time and the buses here are real cheap. The stuff we have done here has been amazing but they don't let you use the usb ports on these computers so you will have to wait for the pictures. The good weather always seems to follow us and we have been very lucky so far. It has been a little cooler here which i like. We are getting some use out of our jackets before we go sweat in Africa. We are doing great and I hope everyone else is also.



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