Saturday, October 21, 2006

no subject cause I can't think of one

I figured I 'd write again since you wanted more frequency. Today was kind of boring. We did some novel things like go to the highest point in Thailand, but it was just a mountain with a sign on top. We also visited the king and queen's monument. They were cool. Then we watched a dumb movie. It's interesting they have a segment before every movie entitled "pay your respect to the king. It's a musical interlude thing lasts about 2 minutes with tacky music and pictures of the king doing caring things. Everyone all of a sudden stood up around us and we had no idea what was going on, so we just followed suit. They love their king out here. There are billboards of him literally every mile. Yesterday was cool we went to visit the karen longneck tribe village. You know those people where the women where bronze rings around their necks to elongate them? Yeah I hung out with them. There was one relatively hot one that was 19. I think she wanted my body. I couldn't believe how long their necks were. They looked like aliens. It was crazy. Anyway, tomorrow's it for Thailand. We're out on monday. Have fun out there!



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