Sunday, November 05, 2006


Received 10/31/06

good I was just going to write you. Yeah I set up a yahoo account. I was sick of loging on to BYU's and seeing it not up and deleting the pictures I would download. Plus I'm too dumb to use it's technicality! I clearly needed a more user friendly one. Yeah sorry I haven't written for a while. So I'm totally done with China! YAY! China was great, well, some sights were, but I cannot say I'm sad to leave. The Chinese people are different, they have no idea what a line is, and spit all over the place. Even inside on carpet. Though I did grow to love the elderly and the kids are cool. The elderly because they are totally cultural and in touch with Chineseity, but people ages 30-50 aren't. Probably because they were raised during the cultural revolution. Seriously though. So I'm boarding a plane in about 4 hours to take a very long flight to Kilimingaro!!! I cannot wait. I doubt i'll be writing much over the next three weeks, as I will mainly be on top of a huge mountain and/or touring the seringehti and remote villages. This really is the pinnacle of my entire trip and I cannot wait! I'll see you all too soon, I can't believe it's half way over in 4 days. Later


P.S. No pictures today. They don't believe in public USB connections out here either!


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