Sunday, November 05, 2006

Made it to Tanzania

Well after 24 hours of traveling on Wednesday we finally arrived at the airport in Kilimanjaro, Africa. We faced a couple challenges with money at the airport since no one could chage chinese money and there were no ATMs. We had to borrow money from a taxi driver just to get to a hotel in Arusha ( I had to buy a visa at the airport and they wouldnt let me take my passport without paying first) We later paid the taxi driver and everything was okay. We didnt stay in that area long because we had to figure some stuff out so we came out to the coast to relax and figure out the rest of our time in Tanzania. Now we are in Dar es Salaam and we just had dinner with some amazing people from church. We met a girl from the US that is helping out at an orphanage and tomorrow we are going there to check things out and see if we can do anything to help. Im really excited. After that we should go out to the island of Zanzibar to relax on the beach and do some scuba diving. Then its back up north to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a safari in the Sarengetti. So far Africa has been awesome. The people are happy and nice, but people are poor and always looking for a way to make some quick money off you. ( carry your luggage 5 feet and then ask for a tip, or show you where the book store is then ask for a tip) The weather at the airport where we flew in was very cool but now we are on the coast and it rains a lot and is very humid. Riding the bus here is quite an experience and the landscapes are beautiful. I havent seen any big animals yet but I did see 2 monkeys on our bus ride to Dar es Salaam. If I dont write back for a while it is because I am having too much fun but I will let you know what happens as soon as possible.



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