Friday, November 10, 2006

Tanzania Orphanage

Dear friends and family,

Things are progressing well on the completion of the new orphanage!! We have bought the first of the needed materials, and construction began immediately. There was one essential bit of information that I didn't mention in the last e-mail which came to mind the night I sent off the first e-mail. We are only in Tanzania for a limited amount of time, so don't send any donations after November 17. Please forgive me for leaving that out! Blair and I will be leaving this city by the above mentioned date. We will be personally applying our limited construction skills to the structure up till that time, but if donations come on the last day we will still be able to purchase additional materials so that construction might continue even after we're gone. We will not be giving them any cold cash though when we leave, as we want complete control over what is being bought. Thank you again for your attention and the support we have already recieved. It is truly appreciated. Take care and we will keep you informed.


Blair and Trent


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