Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tremendous progress!!

Dear friends and family,

First of all I want you to know how awed I am at the response we've gotten from everyone. I never, ever though the support would be even close to what it has been. Not only are we now able to make the house inhabitable, but we now have enough to completely finish it so that it will look like a real home! With doors, windows, paint, and everything!! If we do end up getting enough to do more, we will start work on the next part of the new house. The original plan was to finish off the part of the house needed to allow them to move out to the new center. This portion is just big enough to allow them to live there. Actually living there will allow them to accelerate their progress by eliminating travel time to and from the site, which is about a 20 minute drive, and it will eliminate the 100 dollar a month rent. There is another part of the house that is waiting to be finished, which is the larger portion that will allow them to quadruple the amount of orphans they can take in. Originally they were hoping to finish this part within the next two years. With the incredible support we have recieved though, it might even be possible to start work on this part as well, which would move the orphanag along at a rate they had never before imagined. So if we recieve more than is needed to finish the house, that is where the surplus money will go. We never thought that would even be a possibility, but now it is becoming a reality. We feel honored to be representing such a fine group of people. Progress on the new center is going fantastically. Currently we have the land completely cleared from all the plant growth that has happened from years of neglect. It was kind of fun to do that actually. It was all hacked down with machetes, then we gathered it all, piled it up, and lit it on fire! The concrete has been laid for the roof, and is drying as I write this e-mail, so that tomorrow work will begin on contructing the roof. The kids are eccstatic at the prospect of moving out there, and are working right along with us to get this going. Thank you again for your support! E-mail us with more questions, and we will keep in touch!!


Trent and Blair


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