Saturday, October 21, 2006

still in thailand

Hey everyone, we are about to end our stay in thailand. Today is Saturday and we have nothing more planned for tomorrow than to go to church and relax for the day. Time here has been well spent. I think we packed more into this country than the others. Yesterday we took a trip to the golden triangle where Thailand, Berma, and Laos meet, and we also saw a tribe of longneck people ( people who stretch out their necks). Today we went to a national park where we saw some cool waterfalls and lookout areas. Kind of boring but we always had something to do. The highlight of this trip was definitely the three day treking tour we took here in Chiang Mai. We went on a bamboo rafting trip and we got a little too wild and almost got hurt. We made our driver steer us into a tree trunk and get stuck on it, then another boat that was behind us speared me in the back. Just left a nasty mark. The elephant riding was fun and the snake show was insane. This trip is amazing and we are having way too much fun. Trent and I are both healthy and we play hard. I dont think there is anything left for us to do in Thailand so we will be off to China on Monday morn. Love you all.


no subject cause I can't think of one

I figured I 'd write again since you wanted more frequency. Today was kind of boring. We did some novel things like go to the highest point in Thailand, but it was just a mountain with a sign on top. We also visited the king and queen's monument. They were cool. Then we watched a dumb movie. It's interesting they have a segment before every movie entitled "pay your respect to the king. It's a musical interlude thing lasts about 2 minutes with tacky music and pictures of the king doing caring things. Everyone all of a sudden stood up around us and we had no idea what was going on, so we just followed suit. They love their king out here. There are billboards of him literally every mile. Yesterday was cool we went to visit the karen longneck tribe village. You know those people where the women where bronze rings around their necks to elongate them? Yeah I hung out with them. There was one relatively hot one that was 19. I think she wanted my body. I couldn't believe how long their necks were. They looked like aliens. It was crazy. Anyway, tomorrow's it for Thailand. We're out on monday. Have fun out there!


Thursday, October 19, 2006


hey you! So I just finished a day where I played roughly with baby elephants, held monkeys, one stole my sunglasses and chewed the ends off, held a python including it's head, the "right" way so it doesn't bite my head off. The thing was huge. And I also provoked jumping snakes and got two to coil up and strike as I held my face one inch away from the cage, which was basically made of chicken wire. I just wanted to say hi. I have tried about 4 times now to download pictures on the blogger, and to people through e-mail and failed every time. So I think I'm just retarded when it comes to that stuff. I'll keep trying. Hope you're doing well Anthony. I'm having a blast. Every day is a different adventure I have a different adventure. Each one the kind I never thought I would ever have in and of themselves. Let alone composited in one trip. I'll see you soon. I can't believe it's already been a month. Take care and have some fun. And check my spelling before you post this on the blogger. I think I misspelled composited. How do you spell misspelled anyway?


From Anthony: composited (transitive verb)-to make composite or into something composite

Blair from Thailand

Hey everybody. We just got back from a treking tour through Chaing Mai Thailand and it was amazing. We hiked about 21 kilometers total, saw waterfalls, walked through rice fields, saw snakes, rafted a river on bamboo rafts, rode on elephants, slept in huts, and loved every minute. Thailand has been a blast and we still have 4 days to go. Here are some pics for you.


Friday, October 13, 2006


I love my life! We just arrived in Thailand on Wednesday night and it was a big change from New Zealand and Australia but we are living it up. We have already seen about ten temples, we went on a boat ride through the city, and last night we caught a Thai Kick-boxing tournament. Trent and I are liking how cheap everything is but we are still spending more than we thought. Today we got massages for about two hours and it only cost about 5 bucks. They were amazing. We have our whole trip planned out and tonight we are catching a train to Chiang Mai where we will spend the rest of our time in Thailand. I miss you all and hope everyone is well. Keep sending the emails and I will get more pictures out as soon as I get a chance.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hello from the world!

Hey! So I'm here in Australia right now. I am having a blast! I'm about to board a yacht for a 3 day cruise-like-thing of the Sunday Islands, which are the locations of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! YESS! I finished touring New Zealand. we were there for 12 days. That place is unreal. I've never seen nature like that. It was seriously like perfection in the form of nature. Like 360 degrees of Euphoria.... etc. etc. Here's some pics of that place, assuming I can get them downloaded and sent off. Hope your doing great! See you soon!!!

---Trent Frazer

we're in australia

Hey guys. Today is Wednesday and we are about to hop on a boat for the Whitesunday islands in Australia. We had a chance to relax the last couple of days and havent done much. Yesterday we made an eight hour drive from Cairns Australia to Arlie Beach Australia. We ended our trip in New Zealand with a bang. We did the largest bungi jump in New Zealand and took a trip down shotover canyon in a jet boat. The highlight of New Zealand was probably the day we spent climbing through cravasses and worm holes on Franz Joseph Glacier (the steepest guided glacier in the world). Im sure the next few days will be full of cool stuff to take pictures of so we will be sending some soon. Check out these pics though. Got a pic of the glacier, Milford Sound, Hiking the Routburn track, and our bungi jump. Hope everyone is doing well and planning future world trips that we can go on.