Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Orphanage update

Dear friends and family,

Forgive me for the absence of e-mails over the last week. I have sent two, but they both came back as failure notices. My fault entirely. I tried to send to too many people and it couldn't handle it. What I said basically was that we were leaving on a 4 day safari and wouldn't have access to internet for about a week. I am back from the safari now. It was incredible! Do not die untill you have gone on a safari in africa!!
Work is going well on the new center. Over the last week, they have gotten the roof and floor installed on the smaller portion of the house, and the walls are in the progress on the larger portion. They should be able to move into the smaller portion in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Johnson, the director, told me that news of this project has been spread to many important figures in this region; including those in government, media, and business positions. This kind of publicity will bring local support for the orphanage, which is essential. How exciting!!
Blair and I have left Dar Es Salaam. As much as I wanted to stay and see this project to the end, the time came, tickets were already bought, and we had to go. Progress on the orphanage will not be slowed at all though. While we are in Egypt, Rome, and Brazil, we will be maintaining communication with the volunteer from Maine that introduced us to the orphanage in the first place. She is a member of the church, a very trustworthy young lady, and she has been with us every second of the way in this project. When more materials are needed, we will wire her the needed money. Again, no cold cash will be given to the orphanage, as we want to make sure every dollar is spent appropriately. Every possible measure has been taken to insure that, even though we will not be here, the project will continue to go smoothly, and no funds will be lost or inappropriately spent.
I want everybody to know how deeply grateful I am for the incredible support we have recieved, in e-mails, donations, and prayers. I never imagined we would recieve the support that has come. I wish you all could see the change that has been made here, not only in buildings and land developement, but also in the lives of the children and the directors of the orphanage. They have a new sense of hope about them that they did not have when we arrived. The directors of the orphanage send you all their deepest appreciation. The night before we left was one of the most moving experiences of my life. They did a little goodbye meeting for Blair and I where they all expressed their feelings. They were all crying. I wasn't even cried for that much when I left the mission! They are truly, truly grateful for what you have all done Thank you so much for how actively involved you have been in creating a miracle out here. It is
an honor to work with you. I will continue to inform you of the progress as I get it. We will see this project through to the end together.


Trent Frazer


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