Tuesday, October 03, 2006

we're in australia

Hey guys. Today is Wednesday and we are about to hop on a boat for the Whitesunday islands in Australia. We had a chance to relax the last couple of days and havent done much. Yesterday we made an eight hour drive from Cairns Australia to Arlie Beach Australia. We ended our trip in New Zealand with a bang. We did the largest bungi jump in New Zealand and took a trip down shotover canyon in a jet boat. The highlight of New Zealand was probably the day we spent climbing through cravasses and worm holes on Franz Joseph Glacier (the steepest guided glacier in the world). Im sure the next few days will be full of cool stuff to take pictures of so we will be sending some soon. Check out these pics though. Got a pic of the glacier, Milford Sound, Hiking the Routburn track, and our bungi jump. Hope everyone is doing well and planning future world trips that we can go on.



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